Security isn’t important until it’s important.  Don’t allow yourself to become a statistic by thinking you don’t need security or you can get by with less.  Less qualified individuals, less personable, and less coverage all equal a recipe for disaster.



WOOLSEY  PROTECTION AGENCY utilizes a proactive strategy as opposed to reacting.  We don’t wait until there is someone making a scene at your event.  Our experienced agents stop the issue before it ever has a chance to manifest and none of your guests will ever know the difference.  Our agency distinguishes itself by providing highly trained professionals.  It is our business to know which individuals in the crowd are likely to pose a threat to our client.  Agents are always analyzing body posture, movement, and verbiage of others in our mission to keep clients safe.  While some of our training involves tactics, we focus primarily on scenario-based coursework which takes our staff through carefully controlled real life simulations of events gone wrong.  In conjunction with this training, we offer internal one-on-one mentorships in order to constantly improve on our impeccable record.



WOOLSEY  PROTECTION AGENCY brings years of combined experience to the industry.  Because we are a small firm, we are able to give you the direct attention you deserve.  We can take you from the red carpet, to the club, and coordinate your after party.  The variety of services we provide gives our agency the feel of a luxury concierge service with the safety only our vetted agents can provide.  You’re worth the investment.

  • Close Protection
  • Concert Tours
  • Accompanied of minors
  • Autograph Signings
  • Security Survey
  • Grounds Security
  • Event Security

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