Our Clients

Our clients deserve the very best in Executive Protection.

We were asked by many clients not to put our details on our website to ensure client safety and security. Once we have verified who you are and what kind of request you may have we will gladly provide all the detailed information to answer any and all questions our clients may have. 

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Customer Testimonials

Woolsey Protection Agency is the exclusive security company hired for Phoenix AYF events. Their whole team is on point and very professional. We recommend WPA to anyone looking for security needs.
— John Nephew - Phoenix AYF President Dee Grayer, Phoenix AYF Executive Vice President
JD and Woolsey Protection Agency is the only security protection I use for our A list clientele. Their professionalism makes them so easy to work with. We trust them completely with all of our clients personal security needs.
— Joe Diggs General Manager Bar and Nightlife Operations W Scottsdale Hotel
WPA Sparks.jpg
The Client always comes first with JD!
— Jordin Sparks Singer/Songwriter/Actress
Woolsey Protection Agency is what I call our security blanket! With events that include high profile athletes and celebrities as well as every day people of our communities, I feel that we are all covered and safe with WPA. I appreciate the professionalism and consistency.
— Danielle Frost A Frostchild Production
It has been a great pleasure to work with JD and his staff through the first 2 years of my business. It is refreshing to be able to completely trust someone like JD to be around our clients while they are out in the community, and have our minds at ease that they will be protected and handled professionally. I strongly recommend JD and Woolsey Protection Agency for their services.
— Alex Guerrero President Elite Sports Society, LLC
JD is the best in game. Not only does he provide you with incredible security and service...he does it with a smile and sense of humor. There is no one out there like him and his staff.
— Lindsey Berg 3x USA Olympic Volleyball Player
I am so pleased about the experience I had when using WPA. The level of professionalism and ability to put myself and family at ease so we were able to enjoy our event. I look forward to working with JD and WPA again!
— Bell Sports Marketing
JD and the guys from Woolsey Protection Agency are the best security team around. During my events I know that security is one thing I never have to worry about.
— Ian Gruntman - Director of Sports Marketing Engine Shop Agency
Whenever we are on the west coast. JD is without fail professional, precise, and thorough in every job that he has done. His knowledge and experience is evident, and he is one of the best people to work with. Mr. Stoudemire and our entire team would absolutely recommend JD to any other clients.
— Kaitlyn Tillery Amar’e Stoudemire Enterprises
I would like to share that Woolsey Protective Agency is a professional and efficient security team. J.D cares about his clients and knows how to assess their needs. He is one step ahead of the need and takes care of matters as soon as they arise. He and his team and he go the extra mile, paying attention to details. They make a point to look good and smile, yet make no mistake, they are a strong security team and take care of necessary matters. Thanks guys for doing a such a great job for us!
— Campbell Foundation